Essential Skills Required

Administrators utilize experience and skill in order to resolve client issues. They maintain seamless connectivity across the enterprise network. Administrators should be technically proficient in all major operating platforms and possess all necessary certifications.

To become an IT Administrator, it is essential that one should have strong inter, organizational and problem resolving expertise. As an administrator one should be acquainted with all feature of project management, such as costing and scheduling, along with strong time management skills.

The skills to work independently as required, assist teams and implement analytical skills to find success in this field. Along with these qualities, it is also important that IT Administrators possess the following capabilities:

  • To assess present network serves, operating systems and security layer
  • To upgrade hardware and software programs
  • To install and implement effective security systems
  • To perform data backup and recovery processes
  • To resolve issues with systems and programs

Job Outlook

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), IT Administrators can anticipate seeing an 8 percent growth rate in employment through 2024. However, the majority of this growth is expected to be seen in the across the industries including telecom and IT.

As per indeed, the Freelance IT Administrator Salary on an average $61,379 per annum in the United States depending upon candidate experience. With enormous growth opportunities, one might opt as freelance administrator provided a candidate has relevant field experience.