Hi Cherry! Love your Videos! (I often share them w/ my bff! too). Very frustrating when a man disappears ! I just wanted your input on a scenario I've seen happen over & over again!..The Disappearing Act (of a VERY desirable Man) because of Another Woman. This seems to happen with the men I date for say a month or two who I guess are still in the single/dating phase. Several times, I have found out the reason behind their disappearance (w/o any explanation/ contact, of course!) They chose ANOTHER woman to be their official girlfriend (published publicly over facebook, of course, etc.)–last time it happened he married her! (not me). How can I BE the one who WINS!!?? Very frustratingthat it's always the very desirable men who I really want for my one & only! (over the dreadful duty dates I see on the side that I am left with after the disappearances!) Very frustrating to the see the cream-of-the -crop highly desirable men slip right through my fingers w/o being able to grap/ hold onto them!! Then they are off the market (which for me at my age, doesn't have many desirable options left ;( ) Also seems these other women are getting heir guy (officially) in a very short amount of time–WHAT'S their secret!!!???? Please help..thank you, Cherry–love you!


In this why he disappeared blog it seems to me a lot of these guys are the commitment phobes but, my question is what if the woman was? There is a very sweet young man who has been chasing me for years. He finally got me to go out with him in December after I gave him every reason not to bother. We hit it off and then things got crazy. I'm paranoid, I look at how everything could go wrong so I can leave right away with out investing in a man. I'm a workaholic, work and accomplishment makes me happy so, I got petrified when I noticed that he makes me happy. When he tries to hang out with me I reschedule a lot. He's currently going through family issues now. He confronted me about my pessimistic attitude and inquiries. His honesty and gentle way of putting me in my place shocked me. So much so that I want to change, I don't know how to show him that I love him though. I can't try to learn how to commit myself if he's disappeared for the past month. I warned him that I have a hard time trusting. He feels that I treat him like other men. I feel that If my own father abandoned me, what are the chances of someone staying with you when they aren't even related? I've always told myself that I'll be that independent woman with out the need of a man. Now all I feel is love sick. I miss him, think about him all the time, I want to help him and I'm afraid that I messed up big time. I guess this is my karma for being a man hater. I'm a generally nice person, a wonderful friend but a lousy mate. I don't know what to do except wait things out and focus on what I can do in myself.