Tests and Maintains Client Operating Systems

Operating systems remain an essential element of an organization’s computing. The Technical Support Technician plays a pivotal role in maintaining client computers. The technician must have a good knowledge of all deployed operating systems in the client network. Technicians must have experience with updating customer operating systems and quickly attend to any related issues.

Allocates IT equipment

The Technical Support Technician position involves more than direct client support. It also includes allocation of company laptops, tablets or mobile phones. The technician takes responsibility of client equipment, as well as diagnosing and repairing all equipment malfunctions. They should keep a record of all IT equipment present in the client computing environment.

Documents IT inventory

Technicians keep meticulous records on the age of each machine in the client network. Older hardware often needs frequent maintenance. Documentation of network hardware and the work performed on client equipment ensures on-going and efficient operation.

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